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Friday, July 12, 2013

My sad life

Salam guys :') I feel so touched, tah la lately rasa hidup sangat complicated. Someone that I loved just gone and I miss him. Everything happened for a reason and yes it is! Because of what!? Sebab orang yang suka sangat ambil tahu hal orang that's why my life & love life suck! Why my life determined by people's and my happiness also be judged. I wonder why!? Everything just crush, suka la manusia kat luar sana but I never gave up, setiap kali aku bersujud padaNya. Aku mohon jika benar dia jodohku, panjangkan lah dan permudahkan lah :') suddenly my tears fall down. I never ask for many cuma tak boleh ke manusia macam aku ni dapatkan kebahagiaan macam yang lain. Never get a life. Never once! Sudah la tu. I'm an ordinary person need an happiness too, dengan siapa pun aku nak madly fall in love ke ape ke itu hak individu and I don't need people to judge or talk bad things. I'm tired enough guys. 

It just a memory ira and definitely I miss him a lots :') I'm a tough girl, don't cry. Pain makes me stronger right? Big girls never cry. This happened because too many being shit w/ me. Even you just leave me, you know what? Deeply inside I never replace you w/ someone else. Berbahagia lah awak :') x 

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